Araceli-Roiz-and-ChildAs you can imagine, there’s an immense amount of pressure that goes into making a multi million dollar deal. Intense negotiations, long nights, and loads of paper work come with the territory, and there’s a lot of it that goes into closing a single deal. For Araceli Roiz, this pressure and responsibility is exactly why she got involved in the financial industry.

Araceli grew up with a passion for numbers and problem solving. In high school she regularly excelled in honors business and math courses before attending college at California State University – Stanislaus where she took a keen liking to economics and finance. More specifically, Araceli ended up focusing on macroeconomics and international finance. As soon as Araceli began learning about these topics, she knew she wanted to make a career out of them.

After graduating from Stanislaus, Araceli began gaining experience in the corporate world when she landed her role as Head of Investor Relations at a major international company based out of the Bay Area. While there, she was able to outperform expectations, closing a major international merger agreement which not only locked in a major acquisition, but also saved the company over $20 million. She was the main contact point between both companies and thanks to her past experience and the knowledge she acquired from her time at California State University – Stanislaus, she was able to close a deal no one else in her company could.

Araceli explains,

The strenuous hours, sleepless nights, all while dealing with an international company took a toll on me, but I enjoyed every second of it. Saving the company twenty million dollars at the end of the day was a huge accomplishment in my career and I would do it all over again, no questions asked.”


Araceli, to this day continues to learn and stay involved in the international finance scene. She hopes to get back into the corporate world soon and is ready to make some major deals in the years to come.